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by Jason Wingard


Set against the backdrop of the Calais Jungle Adnan battles to be reunited with his wife in the UK.

international title: In Another Life
original title: In Another Life
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: The Thing Is...
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Jason Wingard
film run: 84'
release date: UK 1/04/2017
screenplay: Jason Wingard
cast: Elie Haddad, Toyah Frantzen, Yousef Hayyan Jubeh, Mudar Abbara, Ahmad Malas, Shahid Ahmed, Bhasker Patel, Abdullah Afzal, Elizabeth Bouckley, Joelle Brabban
cinematography by: Andrew Butler, Mike Staniforth, Martin Waine
film editing: Andrew McKee
music: Dan Baboulene
producer: Chris Bouckley, Hannah Stevenson, Rebecca-Clare Morgado
executive producer: Chris Bouckley, Chris Johnson, Alan McQueen
production: Wingarm
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