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by Maite Alberdi


A group of friends with Down Syndrome have been attending the same school for 40 years, they have passed all the courses, all the teachers and, even their parents who were with them, are now gone. They must now fight to get a better job, to make money like any other person, to learn to take care of themselves and to make it to their 50's. No one looks at them as children. They will do everything to prevent anyone from interfering with their adult dreams.

international title: Los niños
original title: The Grown-Ups
country: Netherlands, France, Chile
year: 2016
genre: documentary
directed by: Maite Alberdi
film run: 67'
release date: FR 15/11/2017, NL 19/11/2017, UK 8/10/2017
screenplay: Maite Alberdi
cast: Rita Guzmán, Andrés Martínez, Ana Rodriguez, Ricardo Urzúa
cinematography by: Pablo Valdés
film editing: Menno Boerema, Juan Eduardo Murillo
music: Miguel Miranda
producer: Maite Alberdi
executive producer: Sebastián Brahm, Fleur Knopperts, Denis Vaslin
production: Volya Films, Mandra Films, Micromundo Producciones (CL)
distributor: BF Distribution (CL)
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