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by Roger Tucker


Chicago Nightclub – New Year’s Eve 1944. Lt. Mike Clarke celebrates the night before shipping out to Europe as a fighter pilot. After too many drinks he meets a stranger, Vito Massucci, who suckers him into making a $1,000 bet. The terms dictate that Mike must become a "war ace" by shooting down at least five enemy aircraft. However, after sobering up Mike realizes the figure was changed to $10,000 (enough to buy a nice house in those days) and also that Vito’s uncle –who witnessed the contract- was none other than the notorious Al Capone! The beginning of an absurd and exiting adventure.

international title: Waiting for Dublin
original title: Waiting for Dublin
country: Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom
sales agent: IAC Films
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Roger Tucker
screenplay: Chuck Conaway
cast: Andrew Keegan, Yade Yourell, Pat Laffan, Jene Decleir, Hugh O'Connor
cinematography by: Marc Felperlaan
art director: Alan Farquharson
costumes designer: Aisling Byrne
producer: Paul Breuls
production: Corsan Productions, Waiting Film BV, W4D Productions, Scion Films (UK)
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