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by Aro Korol


In November 2014 the iconic club Madame Jojo’s in London's Soho closed its doors. This event was interpreted by many as the death knell of Soho. The film is about gentrification – a process in which a district with a diverse spectrum of residents changes into a zone dominated by the middle class and its taste. This process is affecting many large cities all over the world. The gentrification of Soho affects the LGBT community and its drag queen sub-culture, for which Madame Jojo's was home. It's like "turning the lights off on Broadway", people are saying. The film explains the importance of protecting the cultural heritage and identity of places that are extremely important to local communities.

international title: Battle of Soho
original title: Battle of Soho
working title: Missing Miss Jackie
country: United Kingdom
year: 2017
genre: documentary
directed by: Aro Korol
film run: 100'
screenplay: Aro Korol, Harriet Exley, Johnny Deluxe
cinematography by: Aro Korol
film editing: Aro Korol
art director: Pawel Rosinski
music: Phil White
producer: Aro Korol
co-producer: Dianne Collins, T.C. Rice
executive producer: Aro Korol
associate producer: Margherita Mainardi
line producer: Harriet Exley
production: The Aro Korol Company
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