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by Mathieu Roy


Everyday, advanced capitalism and agribusiness push farmers into exodus, bankruptcy and depression. The very people who feed the world don’t have enough to eat. It is a mind-boggling paradox that one must take time to reflect upon: three quarters of the earth’s malnourished are, themselves, food producers. Governments are for the most part responsible for this paradox. They claim they act for progress and pretend that the programs developed by the agro-food industry will help the country achieve food security – if not solve the food problem worldwide. On the contrary, they strengthen this vicious cycle of social injustice and poverty, with catastrophic economic, climatic and human consequences.

international title: The Dispossessed
original title: Les Dépossédés
country: Switzerland, Canada
year: 2017
genre: documentary
directed by: Mathieu Roy
film run: 182
screenplay: Richard Brouillette, Benoit Aquin
cinematography by: Mathieu Roy, Benoit Aquin
film editing: Louis-Martin Paradis
producer: Lucie Tremblay, Gabriela Bussmann, Vadim Jendreyko
co-producer: Colette Loumède
production: Mira Film GmbH, Lowik Media Montreal (CA)
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