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by Domenico Mongelli


It all begins in 1919 in the countryside surrounding Bari, Apulia. From a man and his three concubines a complicated family is formed, in which paternity and maternity is occasionally uncertain. Twenty years later, the eldest of the group weds and flees to Bari. The rest of the relatives move - not only to the same city - but into the same building. Furthermore, the "tribe" expands with the addition of the in-laws of the first-born.

original title: La casa delle donne
country: Italy
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Domenico Mongelli
film run: 98'
release date: IT 11/07/2003
screenplay: Domenico Mongelli, Maria Marcone
cast: Anna Gigante, Ivana Pantaleo, Anna Roberti, Totò Onnis, Antonella Chilorio
cinematography by: Frederic Fasano
film editing: Anna Napoli
art director: Luigi Spezzacatene
costumes designer: Beatrice Giannini
music: Giuseppe De Trizio - Radicanto
producer: Ennio Pontis
production: Resh
distributor: Resh
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