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by Didier Nion


This film is inspired by the adventure attempted in 1952 by Alain Bombard : survive sixty-five days on an inflatable boat without a water supply or food, equipped only with a few basic tools, and so show the way for all castaways. Drawing from this narrative, the film explores the different means of survival, human and material, that help him to return to the world of men. Bad and good luck, the alternation of excitement and renunciation, circumstances and personal courage… The film relates this extreme experience, that of survival. Through the story of this voluntary castaway, the film recounts a journey of initiation. It shows a man in an extreme state of solitude, the supremacy of mind over body, and what keeps him alive : the ability to imagine, create, persevere and love. This applies to shipwrecks at sea as for other wrecks, more muted, more everyday, less spectacular : it is difficult to survive, even harder to live. The film forms one with the boat on the ocean and reunites with this great adventure.

original title: Naufragé volontaire
working title: L’hérétique
country: France
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Didier Nion
screenplay: Didier Nion
cast: Jérémie Lippmann, Jamie Sives
cinematography by: Gilles Arnaud
production: Les Productions Balthazar
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