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by Varis Brasla


Eight-year-old Oskar’s holidays start miserably; his parents “swap” the computer for his granddad to protect the child from the dangerous influence of the Internet. The old Kode (65) makes him do men’s work and won’t buy him brandname sneakers. Such a granddad is no good for the grandson, and everyone gets to know that Paulis Kode, the active fighter of the Awakening period, is “dead”… The role of peacemaker is undertaken by granny Irma Kode (60), who has lost her teacher’s job because the small town has “run out of” children and the local government deputy Modris (33) has managed to sell the school building. To complete his shady transaction, he offers the teacher a tempting job, and Oskar gets involved in a series of adventures: he teaches his granny to rap, there’s a death threat at the hospital, and French perfume gets sprayed on a goatskin. The granddad’s and grandson’s coordinated fight against the granny’s wrong-doer makes them forget their previous quarrels and stand for eachother.

international title: Grandpa More Dangerous Than Computer
original title: Vectēvs, kas bīstamāks par datoru
country: Latvia
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Varis Brasla
film run: 80'
release date: LV 17/08/2017
screenplay: Alvis Lapins
cast: Markuss Jānis Eglītis, Eva Ozola, Martins Vilsons, Akvelīna Līvmane, Mārtiņš Meiers, Uldis Dumpis
cinematography by: Uldis Jancis
film editing: Māris Bērziņš
art director: Martins Milbrets
producer: Gatis Upmalis
production: Studio F.O.R.M.A.
backing: National Film Centre of Latvia
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