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by Barbara Bredero


Patterson Pepps has a best friend: Raf, a giraffe. Raf and Patterson grow up together as Patterson lives next to the zoo and they are born on the exact same day. When they reach the age that they have to go to school for the first time, they are very excited. On the first day Patterson even stuffs all kinds of plants in his backpack to make sure Raf has enough to eat. When Patterson realizes Raf isn't going to join him at school he is very sad. Gradually Patterson is enjoying school more than he expected and actually makes a new friend: Yous. Raf, however, feels left out. Fortunately Patterson comes up with a brilliant plan to bring Raf to school and to unite his two best friends.

international title: My Giraffe
original title: Dikkertje Dap
country: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
sales agent: Attraction Distribution (CA)
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Barbara Bredero
film run: 74'
release date: NL 4/10/2017, BE 11/10/2017, DE 1/03/2018
screenplay: Mirjam Oomkes, Laura Weeda, Tijs van Marle
cast: Liam de Vries, Martijn Fischer, Dolores Leeuwin, Medi Broekman, Egbert Jan Weeber, Rayan Belrhazi Alaoui, Aqil Dahhan
cinematography by: Coen Stroeve
film editing: David Verdurme
art director: Florian Legters
costumes designer: Monica Petit
music: Herman Witkam
producer: Eva Eisenloeffel, Erik Glijnis, Leontine Petit, Fleur Winters
co-producer: Dorothe Beinemeier, Dries Phlypo
line producer: Juri Keuter
production: Lemming Film, A Private View, Hamster Film
backing: Eurimages
distributor: Independent Films, Little Dream Entertainment GmbH
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