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by Anatoly Vasilyev


Asino consists of eight novellas, approximately 20 minutes each. Shot in Italy, Vasiliev's film teeters between reality and allegory, asking viewers to reflect on what they see. The chapter titles (Bacchus, Medea, etc.) and quotes from Apuleius, Pirandello and Aeschylus provide context. The third novella documents the donkey worship in Alba, Italy, where donkey races are held during the Palio. In Asino, donkeys are simultaneously domesticated animals, humans and divine, mythological creatures, so in a sense the film summarises the beast’s role in Western culture.

original title: Asino
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Trikita Entertainment AG (RU)
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: Anatoly Vasilyev
film run: 167'
screenplay: Anatoly Vasilyev
cinematography by: Ruslan Fedotov, Alexandra Kulak
film editing: Daniil Nikolsky
music: Giovanni Sollima
producer: Yuriy Krestinskiy, Anatoly Vasilyev
executive producer: Claudio Gabriele, Vera Levchenko
line producer: Anna Shalashina
production: Trikita Entertainment AG (RU)
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