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by Machérie Ekwa Bahango


Maki observes the sapeurs with a mixture of amusement and scorn. They’re all the family she has, this group of young men who use the streets of Kinshasa as their stage, showing off their wild mix of street chic and stolen designer fashions. Maki has been on the streets a long time and is married to Mbingazor, the gang’s boss. But at some point, the 19-year-old has had enough of this gang of boys, who are too busy getting high and drunk to do anything with themselves. Survival must be secured. The next time money for food runs out, Maki crosses paths with the much younger Acha. This newcomer is a fresh arrival in Kinshasa, and doesn’t yet know the rules. Spurred on by Acha’s beginner’s luck as a thief, the pair set off on an adventure together, which soon arouses Mbingazor’s jealousy.

original title: Maki'la
country: Democratic Republic of the Congo, France
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Machérie Ekwa Bahango
film run: 78'
screenplay: Machérie Ekwa Bahango
cast: Amour Lombi, Fideline Kwanza, Serge Kanyinda, Deborah Tshisalu, Plotin Dianani, Ekwa Ekwa Wangi
cinematography by: Jimmy Tissanabo
film editing: Philippe Raboux Bazzini
art director: Dolet Malalu
music: Jonny Ekwa
producer: Emmanuel Lupia Assani, David Kessler, Rufin Mbou Mikima, Akaz Mamba
production: Orange Studio, Tosala Films (CD), Lennox (CD), Inzo Ya Bizizi (CD)
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