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by Ramón Salazar


Five men and women, and the relationships that connect them, paying particular attention to their feet or to the shoes that they wear. Adela has flat feet. Every day she chugs along for miles on her old, yellow 'Vespa 50' to the brothel she owns on a country road outside Madrid.At her bordello she meets Leonardo, a wealthy businessman with worn down heels, who is determined to teach her how to tango.

international title: Stones
original title: Piedras
country: Spain
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Ramón Salazar
film run: 135'
release date: ES 18/09/2002, GR 29/11/2002, SE 25/12/2002, NO 11/04/2003, NL 17/07/2003, BE 03/12/2003
screenplay: Ramón Salazar
cast: Antonia San Juan, Najwa Nimri, Vicky Peña, Ángela Molina, Mónica Cervera, Lola Dueñas, María Casal, Daniele Liotti, Rodolfo De Souza, Enrique Alcides
cinematography by: David Carretero
film editing: Teresa Font
art director: Montserrat Sanz González
costumes designer: Estíbaliz Markiegi
music: Pascal Gaigne
producer: Francisco Ramos
production: Alquimia Cinema, Ensueño Films S.L.
distributor: Hispano Foxfilms, SF Norge (NO), Independent Films (NL)
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