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by Arunas Matelis


They're called water carriers, domestics, 'gregarios', 'Sancho Panzas' of professional cycling. Always at the back of the group, with no right for a personal victory. These wonderful losers are the true warriors of professional cycling.

international title: Wonderful Losers: A Different World
original title: Nuostabieji Luzeriai. Kita planeta
country: Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Latvia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain
sales agent: Deckert Distribution
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: Arunas Matelis
film run: 71'
release date: LT 9/02/2018
screenplay: Arunas Matelis
cinematography by: Giacomo Becherini, Paolo Beniti, Giordano Bianchi, Valdis Celmiņš, Jose Luis Gonzales, Audrius Kemežys, Mark Olexa, Simone Rivoire, Fabio Saba, Ivars Zviedris
film editing: Mirjam Jegorov
music: Alberto R. Lucendo
production: Studio Nominum, Stefilm, Dok Mobile, Associate Directors, VFS Films, Planet Korda Pictures, Dearcán Media, SUICAfilms

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