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by Angelo Marotta


Length of gestation: 25 weeks. This is the threshold of viability for premature children. When a baby is born before due time, the joy of his or her parents is suspended. It is the beginning of a tormented path, made of long waits at the hospital, next to the incubator, as the desire to hold your child clashes with the actual interdiction to do anything more than caress his or her delicate body, engaged in a constant fight to keep alive. This documentary tells the story of mothers and fathers who walked this path, of parents who are in the middle of it and of all those people who keep fighting with them for the lives of their children.

international title: This Small
original title: Piccoli così
country: Italy
sales agent: TVCO
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Angelo Marotta
film run: 73'
release date: IT 22/01/2015
screenplay: Angelo Marotta
cinematography by: Angelo Marotta, Filippo Genovese
film editing: Emanuele Redondi
music: Lamberto Macchi
producer: Angelo Marotta, Valeria Adilardi, Maurizio Carta
production: Road Television srl
distributor: I Wonder Pictures
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