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by Marcus Lindeen


In the summer of 1973, five men and six women embarked on a 101-day sea adventure on a raft drifting across the Atlantic - an experiment on human behavior initiated by anthropologist Santiago Genovés, exploring the origins of violence, conflict and aggression. Genovés handpicked each member of the crew, mixing religions, cultural backgrounds and nationalities to heighten tension on board and once the journey was under way there was no turning back. Forty years later we will reunite the participants of the expedition to talk about their life-changing experience in an experiment dubbed by the media as 'The Sex Raft' but referred to by Genovés as the 'greatest group experiment of all time' and which left the participants wondering 'what it was all really about'.

international title: The Raft
original title: Flotten
working title: The Acali Experiment
country: Sweden, Denmark, United States, Germany
sales agent: Reservoir Docs
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: Marcus Lindeen
film run: 97'
release date: DK 5/09/2018, SE 21/09/2018, UK 18/01/2019, FR 13/02/2019
screenplay: Marcus Lindeen
cinematography by: Måns Månsson
film editing: Dominika Daubenbüchel, Alexandra Strauss
art director: Simone Grau Roney
costumes designer: Pia Aleborg
music: Hans Appelqvist
producer: Erik Gandini
co-producer: Ingmar Trost, Vibeke Vogel
executive producer: Christopher Clements, Julie Goldman, Jesper Kurlandsky
associate producer: Juan Pablo Libossart, Vibeke Vogel
line producer: Carlson Man Chiu Leung
production: Fasad AB
distributor: Folkets Bio, Modern Films, UDI - Urban Distribution International

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