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by Cille Hannibal


The director Cille Hannibal picks up her camera and starts filming her mother short after she lost her husband and companion in a tragic accident. This is a way for Cille to be there for her mother. A way they can be together in shared mourning. 'The Night We Fell' gives us a close and rare look at grief, and just like the mother and the daughter, the film moves into and out of grief and pain. The two women process their grief at the same time as they clear out his things. When the boxes are opened and a life is reviewed, the story of their love grows forth, and mother and daughter also form renewed and closer bonds. Together they explore the new possibilities that can give them hope and the desire for life to continue. Everyone who has lost a close person will be able to recognise something of themselves in Hannibal's poetic an sensuous films, where death is omnipresent, but is not allowed to overshadow the moments when the light starts to shimmer through. One of the most promising Danish debuts this year, borne by a photographic eye.

original title: The Night We Fell
country: Denmark
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: Cille Hannibal
film run: 54'
producer: Rikke Tambo Andersen
executive producer: Vibeke Vogel
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