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by Karen Gillan


When Lucy's best friend takes her own life Lucy has to deal with stresses of such a situation.

international title: The Party's Just Beginning
original title: The Party's Just Beginning
country: United Kingdom, United States
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Karen Gillan
film run: 91'
screenplay: Karen Gillan
cast: Karen Gillan, Lee Pace, Matthew Beard, Jamie Quinn, Paul Higgins, Siobhan Redmond, Rachel Jackson, Stephen Nelson, Paul Tinto, Kristopher Blair
cinematography by: Edd Lukas
film editing: Brett W. Bachman
art director: Jason Carlin, Natalie Astridge
costumes designer: Alison McCosh
music: Pepijn Caudron
producer: Mali Elfman, R. Andru Davies, Claire Mundell
executive producer: R. Andru Davies, Albert Gersten, Sloan Martin, Boman Modine, Tien-Huei Grace Yeh
line producer: Pam Roberts
production: Synchronicity Films, Mt. Hollywood Films (US)
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