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by Joseph Madmony, Boaz Yehonatan Yaakov


Being able to care for a gravely ill daughter is of the utmost importance to a loving father. The treatment which is to give the child a new chance at life is something the poorly paid widower simply can’t afford. The idea to start performing again with a rock band from his early days, however, sees the devout man confronting not only those around him but – above all – himself as well.

international title: Redemption
original title: Geula
country: Israel
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Joseph Madmony, Boaz Yehonatan Yaakov
film run: 100'
screenplay: Joseph Madmony, Boaz Yehonatan Yaakov, Erez Kav El
cast: Moshe Folenflik, Emily Granin, Yonatan Galila, Sivan Shtivi, Shahar Even-Tzur, Avigayil Atara Koevary
cinematography by: Boaz Yehonatan Yacov
film editing: Ayala Bengad
art director: Yoav Sinai
music: Assaf Talmudi
producer: Marek Rozenbaum, Michael Rozenbaum, Jonathan Rozenbaum
production: Transfax Films

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