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by Samuele Dalò


Love, crisis, crime, enthusiasm, tribulations, moral and economic values await the protagonist Ivan Coletta who, through his choice to collaborate with justice, will help the police to dismantle the gang of criminals led by Boss Massimo Ricciardi. An inner path awaits him long outside of organized crime. New knowledge, intense experiences and strong emotions will test his character his sensitivity and his feelings. But the past resurfaces in a thousand ways and Ivan Coletta, being at a crossroads, will have to dealwith a precise choice: "The Impossible Choice". 

original title: La Scelta Impossibile
country: Italy
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Samuele Dalò
film run: 64'
release date: IT 26/07/2018
screenplay: Roberto Attolini, Giueppe di Giorgio
cast: Giueppe di Giorgio, Nathalie Caldonazzo, Marco Di Stefano, Enzo Stasino, Manuela Malaga, Lorenzo Marangon, Marco Savio, Cesare Biondolillo, Tommaso Basili, Valentina Carrino
film editing: Matteo Cataldo
music: Manfred Giampietro
producer: Giuseppe di Giorgio
distributor: Movie Planet Group
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