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by Rasmus Kloster Bro


Rie is a PR-coordinator visiting a tunnel boring machine to portray the well-oiled European cooperation in the Metro construction when an accident suddenly occurs. Unable to escape, she takes refuge in an airlock with Croatian miner Ivo and Bharan, a worker from Eritrea. They put their lives and bodies in each other’s hands to survive the heat, pressure and mud in the claustrophobic cutterhead, exposing their radically different world views and forcing them to reconsider their lives – before finally being rescued.

international title: Cutterhead
original title: Cutterhead
country: Denmark
sales agent: LevelK
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Rasmus Kloster Bro
film run: 84'
release date: DK 21/03/2019, FR 15/07/2020
screenplay: Rasmus Kloster Bro, Mikkel Bak Sørensen
cast: Krešimir Mikić, Christine Sønderris, Samson Semere
cinematography by: Martin Munch
film editing: Jakob Juul Toldam
art director: Kristine Køster
music: Søs Gunver Ryberg
producer: Amalie Lyngbo Hjort
production: Beo Starling
distributor: Reel Pictures, Damned Distribution

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