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by Trevor Nunn


The year is 2000 and Joan Stanley is living in contented retirement in suburbia at the turn of the millennium. Her tranquil life is suddenly disrupted when she's arrested by MI5 and accused of providing intelligence to Communist Russia. Cut to 1938 where Joan is a Cambridge physics student who falls for young communist Leo Galich and through him, begins to see the world in a new light. Working at a top-secret nuclear research facility during WWII, Joan comes to the realisation that the world is on the brink of mutually assured destruction. Confronted with an impossible question - what price would you pay for peace? - Joan must choose between betraying her country and loved ones or saving them. 

international title: Red Joan
original title: Red Joan
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Embankment Films
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Trevor Nunn
film run: 110'
release date: ES 17/04/2019, FI 18/04/2019, UK 19/04/2019, IE 19/04/2019, HU 25/04/2019, PL 26/04/2019, PT 2/05/2019, IT 9/05/2019, NL 9/05/2019
screenplay: Lindsay Shapero
cast: Sophie Cookson, Judi Dench, Tom Hughes, Stephen Campbell Moore, Laurence Spellman, Tereza Srbova, Stephen Boxer, Kevin Fuller, Stephen Samson, Robin Soans
cinematography by: Zac Nicholson
film editing: Kristina Hetherington
art director: Cristina Casali
costumes designer: Charlotte Walter
producer: David Parfitt
co-producer: Ivan Mactaggart, Alice Dawson
executive producer: Tim Haslam, Hugo Grumbar, Zygi Kamasa, James Atherton, Jan Pace, Kelly E Ashton, Karl Sydow
production: Trademark Films
distributor: Lionsgate, Finnkino, Vértice Cine, Best Film, NOS Audiovisuais, Vision Distribution, Cinéart Netherlands B.V.
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