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by Margherita Ferri


Maia, called Zen, a rowdy yet solitary 16-year-old tomboy lives in a small village on top of the rough and beautiful Italian Apennines. She’s the only girl of the local ice hockey- team and she is constantly bullied by her teammates for her masculine attitude. When Vanessa, the beautiful and dazed girlfriend of the team captain, runs away from home and hide in Maia's family lodge, Maia feels free to open up for the first time. Led by the need to break away from the roles that the small community forced them to play, Maia and Vanessa embarks on a journey of self-discovery, exploring their inner desires and trying to understand their identity.

international title: Zen in the Ice Rift
original title: Zen sul ghiaccio sottile
country: Italy
sales agent: Media Luna New Films
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Margherita Ferri
film run: 94'
release date: IT 8/11/2018
screenplay: Margherita Ferri
cast: Eleonora Conti, Susanna Acchiardi, Fabrizia Sacchi, Edoardo Lomazzi, Ruben Nativi, Alexandra Gaspar, Maurizio Stefanelli, Marco Manfredi, Giulia Lorenzelli
cinematography by: Marco Ferri
film editing: Mauro Rossi
art director: Nicola Bruschi
costumes designer: Valentina Zizola
producer: Chiara Galloni, Ivan Olgiati
production: Articolture
backing: Biennale College Cinema (IT)
distributor: Istituto Luce Cinecittà

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