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by Pasquale Marrazzo


After his ex-wife Addolorata's death, Giuseppe called "Cicci", a fifty years old manager, has to custody his son and doughter Matteo and Sara.
Cicci has a long time relation with his partner Nikolas, a sincere and smart plumber. Cicci has three sisters Giuditta, Silvana and Norina: they grow him up as a son and they will put him in a very severe test on the way and how he has to grow up his childrens.
The three women move to Cicci and Nikolas' house dictating their religious morals about the traditional family, inspired by don Paolo's words, a prist.
Their cohabitees and relation will be a funny fight on the way everyone wants to impose his own vision of life and how to live it.

original title: Te lo Dico Pianissimo
country: Italy
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Pasquale Marrazzo
film run: 93'
release date: IT 13/09/2018
screenplay: Pasquale Marrazzo, Fabrizio Bozzetti, Roberto Traverso
cast: Lucia Vasini, Stefano Chiodaroli, Pietro Pignatelli, Renato Cortesi, Corinna Agustoni, Tatiana Winteler, Vincenza Marseglia, Luisa Vernelli, Jacopo Costantini, Luca Toracca
cinematography by: Massimo Foletti
film editing: Maurizio Grillo
art director: Giovanna Angeli
costumes designer: Lucia Lapolla
music: Andrea Tosi
producer: Pasquale Marrazzo
production: NOI Produzione
distributor: EASYCINEMA
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