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by Agustina Macri


Soledad Rosas from Argentina arrived in Italy in 1997. She was 23. She moved into a community squat in Turin where she met a militant anarchist called Edoardo Massari with whom she had a brief but intense love story. On 5 March 1998 the pair were arrested and charged with acts of terrorism against the construction of a high-speed rail network. On 23 March, Edoardo Massari was found dead in his prison cell… A shocking story based on true events, about two young people the government portrayed as criminals while the people who knew them regarded them as anarchist heroes.

original title: Soledad
country: Italy, Argentina
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Agustina Macri
film run: 100'
screenplay: Agustina Macri, Paolo Logli
cast: Vera Spinetta, Giulio Corso, Marco Cocci, Marco Leonardi, Francesco De Vito, Maurizio Lombardi, Giorgio Colangeli, Eleonora Giovanardi, Viola Sartoretto, Florencia Dyszel
cinematography by: Daniel Ortega
film editing: Natalie Cristiani
costumes designer: Lavinia Bonsignore
music: Condor Maki
producer: Alfredo Federico, Rodrigo Vila
executive producer: Simona Banchi, Dalila Zaritzky
associate producer: Guillermo Rossi, Fernando Sulichin
line producer: Michele Rovini
production: 39 Films, Cinema 7 (AR)
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