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by Alix Gentil


Eva resurfaces after having disappeared for five years. She's faced with her newly rebuilt world - everyone from her past has gone on with their lives. Iris, her sister, is about to leave the family nest in the shadow of her return. They have opposite ways, and yet they both are searching for the same thing - finding their place. 

international title: New Skin
original title: La Mue
country: Spain
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Alix Gentil
film run: 79'
screenplay: Alix Gentil
cast: Camille Raséra, Alix Gentil, Anna Diogene, Pep Planas, Berta García, Jano Sanvicente, Montse Ribadellas, Mat Cruz
cinematography by: Chema Mumford García
film editing: Emanuele Tiziani
art director: Sandra Vilar
costumes designer: Lisa Angelescu
music: Leonardo Aldrey, Rafael Giner
producer: Alix Gentil
co-producer: Raul Alhena
associate producer: Raul Alhena
production: La Caja Fuerte
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