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by Cihan Inan


A mild summer night in a beautiful home. The former circle of friends meets for the first time after college graduation for an after party, following a class meeting. Above the joy of the reunion, the presence and the past are interacting. In the seemingly superficial chatter old themes glimmer through and over the exuberant mood lies a dark shadow. The 'cause' is 25 years back and was part of the reason for the sudden break-up.

international title: Zone Rouge
original title: Zone Rouge
country: Switzerland
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Cihan Inan
film run: 90'
release date: CH 1/11/2018
screenplay: Cihan Inan, Alexander Seibt, Uwe Lützen
cast: Chantal Le Moign, Michael Neuenschwander, Siir Eloglu, Nicolas Rosat, Christopher Buchholz, Marie Popall, Helmut Mooshammer
cinematography by: René Richter
film editing: Kaya Inan
art director: Fabian Reber
costumes designer: Yvonne Forster
music: Diego Baldenweg, Nora Baldenweg, Lionel Vincent Baldenweg
producer: Claudia Wick
production: Abrakadabra Films
distributor: Frenetic Films

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