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by Jota Linares


A rural area is witness to the success of Abel and Nora. He’s a politician committed to fighting for the disadvantaged and he just made history. She’s his wife and the keeper of a secret that could change everything. Their promise of a new life is curtailed by the appearance of Victor, a disgraced senior official, as well as two old friends from a time they’d rather lay to rest. Everyone thinks they’ve got control of the situation, but nothing is as it seems and each revelation opens the door to a new set of questions. Life, love, pain, death, ambition and redemption mix together over three days and nothing will ever be the same for any of them ever again.

international title: Unbridled
original title: Animales sin collar
country: Spain
sales agent: Film Factory Entertainment
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Jota Linares
film run: 100'
release date: ES 18/10/2018
screenplay: Jota Linares
cast: Daniel Grao, Natalia de Molina, Borja Luna, Natalia Mateo, Mariana Cordero, Mario Tardón, Ignacio Mateos, Beatriz Arjona
cinematography by: Junior Díaz
film editing: Javier González Pereiro, Ángel Hernández Zoido
art director: Pilar Quintana
costumes designer: Alberto Valcárcel
music: Vanessa Garde, Pablo Trujillo
producer: Beatriz Bodegas
co-producer: Nicola Serra
production: La Canica Films, Palomar, Movistar Plus+, Netflix
distributor: Entertainment One - eOne Films Spain

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