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by Rolf van Eijk


Amsterdam, 1988. Detective Lucas is charged with investigating the mysterious death of jazz legend Chet Baker. His exploration of Baker's last days takes him on a dark musical journey during which he crosses the paths of Chet’s last lover Sarah, his loyal friend Simon and Doctor Feelgood, Chet’s ambiguous admirer. While he delves into the soul of the infamous trumpet player, Lucas also starts to face his own demons.

international title: My Foolish Heart
original title: My Foolish Heart
country: Netherlands
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Rolf van Eijk
film run: 83'
release date: NL 1/11/2018
screenplay: Rolf van Eijk, Roelof Jan Minneboo
cast: Gijs Naber, Steve Wall, Raymond Thiry, Arjan Ederveen, Lynsey Beauchamp, Paloma Aguilera Valdebenito, Medina Schuurman
cinematography by: Martijn Van Broekhuizen
film editing: Xander Nijsten, Dorith Vinken
art director: Roland Mylanus
costumes designer: Bernadette Corstens
music: David Dramm
producer: Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs
co-producer: Joost de Wolf
line producer: Maarten van der Ven
production: Pupkin Film, VPRO Television
backing: Netherlands Film Production Incentive (NL)
distributor: September Film Distribution Netherlands

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