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by Camelia Popa


Forget about flowers, candy, expensive gifts, or any effort to conquer your loved one. If it dropped you with a throne, take it to Warm Day in Rachitele and fuck it, me! It is said to be yours for life and you will have a rich and carefree life.
This is the premise of a comedy in which we follow three shepherds already past the marriage age, but who in no time on Wave Day had the opportunity to descend from the sheepfold in the village, to kiss their pride too.
Holding short of a wealthy mob, they spend this day with the sheep and dog Bobit. When they lose all hope, two “fairies” in the capital propel their car into the fence of their own rock. All you have to do is kiss them, but it’s complicated … There is a strigoi, a gun appears, a car disappears … It’s complicated, but boys are determined.

international title: U Get What U Kiss
original title: Pup-o, ma!
country: Romania
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Camelia Popa
film run: 90'
release date: RO 26/10/2018
screenplay: Salex Iatma
cast: Alexandru Popa, Cosmin Selesi, Alin Panc, Catalina Grama, Constantin Cotimanis, Alexa Tofan, Alina Mandru
cinematography by: Ioan Meltzer
film editing: Ovidiu Vacaru
producer: Alin Panc, Alexandru Popa
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