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by Isaac Stillwell


The film’s main topics are migration and the integration of immigrants into their new society. #3511 explores these issues through the story of an Australian soldier whose daily correspondence and diary from his time traveling during World War I are combined with a short story by J. L. Borges. His particular life story is a metaphor for contemporary questions regarding exile, memory, and integration. In terms of form, the film consists primarily of footage of an abandoned landscape and homes, accompanied by a voiceover commentary. On rare occasions, we can see the speakers’ faces.

international title: #3511
original title: #3511
country: Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: Isaac Stillwell
film run: 68'
screenplay: Isaac Stillwell
cinematography by: Isaac Stillwell
film editing: Isaac Stillwell
producer: Violaine Mussault, Corinne Woittequand
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