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by Maximiliano Hernando Bruno


It’s September 1943, the days when chaos breaks out in the parts of Italy tormented by the war. Marshal Badoglio, head of the Italian government, manages to get the Allied forces to agree to an armistice and flees Rome along with the king, leaving Italy in pandemonium. The army can no longer tell who the enemy is and who is on their side. The story becomes a tragedy for the soldiers, who are left to their own defenses, but also and especially for the civilians of Istria, Fiume, Giulia and Dalmatia, who now must face a new adversary: Tito’s partisans, steadily advancing and driven by anti-Italian rage.
In this dramatic historical context, Norma Cossetto emerges as a key figure – a young Istrian woman, student of the University of Padua, barbarically raped and murdered by Tito’s partisans – chosen for this brutal crime only because she was guilty of being Italian.

international title: Istrian Red
original title: Red Land (Rosso Istria)
country: Italy
sales agent: TVCO
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Maximiliano Hernando Bruno
film run: 150'
release date: IT 15/11/2018
screenplay: Maximiliano Hernando Bruno, Antonello Belluco
cast: Selene Gandini, Geraldine Chaplin, Sandra Ceccarelli, Franco Nero, Diego Pagotto, Eleonora Bolla, Carla Stella, Vincenzo Bocciarelli, Maria Vittoria Casarotti Todeschini, Andrea Pergolesi
cinematography by: Giovanni Andreotta
film editing: Marco Spoletini, Francesco Tasselli
costumes designer: Fulvia Amendolia
music: Fabrizio Castania
producer: Maximiliano Hernando Bruno, Alessandro Centenaro
production: Venice Film Production
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