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by Alberto San Juan, Valentín Álvarez


Alberto San Juan, Willy Toledo and Luis Bermejo spent two years with the Teatro del Barrio filling the theatre with El Rey, a play about the recent history of Spain which pivots around the never changing emeritus Juan Carlos I, and is filled with ghosts from the past such as Adolfo Suárez, Felipe González, Cebrián, Carrero Blanco, Martín Villa, Puig Antich or Antonio Tejero (who keeps asking what happed on 23-F). A “fiction about ignorance”, a wake-up call against the culture of the transition which today has become a film that is uncomfortable for more people that one might think.

original title: El Rey
country: Spain
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Alberto San Juan, Valentín Álvarez
film run: 84'
release date: ES 5/12/2018
screenplay: Alberto San Juan
cast: Luis Bermejo, Alberto San Juan, Guillermo Toledo
cinematography by: Valentín Álvarez
film editing: Kike Costas
music: Albert Pla, Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio, Johann Sebastian Bach, Miguel Malla, Fidel Prado, Juan Costa I Casals
producer: Alberto San Juan
production: El Teatro del Barrio
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