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by Pablo Llorca


A musician famous in the 80s thanks to a song, the personification of so many Spanish pop musicians; his best friend, an apparently famous painter, and the crossovers between two worlds where differentiating between truth and illusion doesn’t matter: that is the storyline of The Journey to Kyoto. What begins as a tragicomedy about a musician clinging to a distant past where he tasted glory, ends up being a precise metaphor for our day, where we all have the same pretensions of living an old success. 

international title: The Journey to Kyoto
original title: El viaje a Kioto
country: Spain
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Pablo Llorca
film run: 74'
screenplay: Pablo Llorca
cast: Carlos Domingo, Rafael Rojas, María Jesús Garrido, Luis Moreno, Mónica Gabriel y Galán, Elena Lancha
cinematography by: Wiro Berriatua
music: Víctor Simonet
production: La Cicatriz, La Bañera Roja
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