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by Ilan Serruya


With sustained emotional suspense, taking its time and its distance, with patience and also with intensity, Reunión looks at a long postponed reunion, set in the abrupt landscape of Reunion Island in an ironic play on words. It’s the director’s reunion with his father in an attempt to resume what seems to be an impossible dialogue, enveloped by unhealed wounds. And the days seem to be giving way to that vegetation, those rocks and that pool, in which silences and bodies talk with unusual eloquence.

original title: Reunión
country: Spain
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: Ilan Serruya
film run: 65'
cinematography by: Ilan Serruya
film editing: Ilan Serruya
producer: Ilan Serruya, Gonzalo E. Veloso
production: Gorky films
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