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by Antony Hickling


Third part of the Trilogy: The end of a love relationship in three parts. Starting from a personal narrative of a love relationship, accompanied by images that represent the bits of memory, the viewer is then immersed in the universe of 120 days of Sodom of the Marquis de Sade.Composed of contemporary dance, performance and poetry, this work is a pictorial portrait of a violence suffered and a course of shamanic release. 

original title: Frig
country: France
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Antony Hickling
film run: 60'
release date: FR 28/11/2018
screenplay: Antony Hickling
cast: Biño Sauitzvy, Thomas Laroppe, Gaëtan Vettier, André Schneider, Luc Bruyère
cinematography by: Laure Cornet, Antony Hickling
film editing: Victor Toussaint
production: Antony Hickling Films
distributor: Cinéma Saint-André des Arts
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