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by Michele Soavi


During the day Paola is an ordinary primary school teacher, but at night, she turns into…The Christmas Witch, a magical creature who brings gifts to the good kids. One night, Paola disappears, kidnapped by Mr. Johnny, a cruel Toymaker who got his childhood ruined by the Witch and is now seeking revenge. A group of six brave pupils who found out their teacher's secret, will live an extraordinary adventure to rescue her. Will they be able to save Paola and Christmas?

international title: The Legend of the Christmas Witch
original title: La befana vien di notte
country: Italy, Spain
sales agent: True Colours
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Michele Soavi
film run: 100'
release date: IT 27/12/2018
screenplay: Nicola Guaglianone
cast: Paola Cortellesi, Stefano Fresi, Odette Adado, Fausto Sciarappa, Diego Delpiano
cinematography by: Nicola Pecorini
film editing: Pietro Morana
art director: Massimo Santomarco
costumes designer: Francesco Ceo
music: Andrea Farri
executive producer: Massimo Di Rocco
associate producer: Stefano Massenzi
production: Lucky Red, Morena Films, RAI Cinema, 3 Marys Entertainment
backing: Regione Lazio (IT), IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission (IT)
distributor: Universal Pictures International Italy, Lucky Red
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