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by Hans Petter Moland


November 1999. 67-year-old Trond lives in new-found solitude and looks forward to spending New Year's Eve 2000 alone. As winter arrives he discovers he has a neighbor, a man Trond knew back in 1948, the summer he turned 15 and the summer Trond's father prepared him to carry the burden of his forthcoming betrayal and disappearance. . And also the summer Trond grew up and smelled the scent of a woman he longed for. The same woman Trond's father was preparing to spend his life with.

international title: Out Stealing Horses
original title: Ut og stjæle hester
country: Norway, Sweden, Denmark
sales agent: TrustNordisk
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Hans Petter Moland
film run: 120'
release date: NO 8/03/2019
screenplay: Hans Petter Moland
cast: Stellan Skarsgård, Tobias Santelmann, Danica Curcic, Pål Sverre Hagen, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Bjørn Floberg, Gard B. Eidsvold, Jonas Jörgensen, Jon Ranes
cinematography by: Rasmus Videbæk
film editing: Jens Christian Fodstad, Nicolaj Monberg
art director: Jørgen Stangebye Larsen
costumes designer: Anne Pedersen
music: Kaspar Kaae
producer: Turid Øversveen, Håkon Øverås
co-producer: Marie Cecilie Gade, Lizette Jonjic
line producer: Tessa Eggesbø, Ramunas Skikas
production: 4 1/2 Film AS, Helgeland Films AS, Zentropa Entertainments, Zentropa International Sweden
backing: Film i Väst, Norwegian Film Institute (NO), Danish Film Institute (DK), Swedish Film Institute (SE), NRK (NO), DR (DK), SVT (SE), Nordisk Film & TV Fond
distributor: Nordisk Film Distribusjon AS

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