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by Phaim Bhuiyan


Phaim is a young muslim of Bangladeshi origins. At 22, he lives with his family in Torpignattara, multietnical neighborhood of Rome. He works as a stewart in a museum and is the leader of a rock group. During a concert in which he's supposed to play, Phaim meets Asia, a girl that is his exact opposite: pure instinct, no rules. Between the two it is a sudden attraction and Phaim will need to understand how to reconcile his love for this girl with the most unbreakable rule of Islam: no sex before the wedding night.

original title: Bangla
country: Italy
sales agent: Fandango
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Phaim Bhuiyan
film run: 84'
release date: IT 16/05/2019
screenplay: Phaim Bhuiyan, Vanessa Picciarelli
cast: Phaim Bhuiyan, Carlotta Antonelli, Sahila Mohiuddin, Nasima Akhter, Rishad Noorani, Fabian Durrani, Sanija Shoshi Haque, Raja Sethi, Simone Liberati, Pietro Sermonti
cinematography by: Simone D'Onofrio
film editing: Roberto Di Tanna
art director: Mauro Vanzati
costumes designer: Patrizia Mazzon
music: Dario Lanzellotti
producer: Domenico Procacci
production: Fandango
backing: MiBAC (IT), TimVision (IT), Regione Lazio (IT)
distributor: Fandango Distribuzione

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