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by Marco Danieli


1970s. Matteo has been secretly in love with Francesca since they were kids, but she left the small town in which they grew up to travel the world following the sexual liberation’s wave. Once back, Matteo decides to finally make her fall in love with him, even if she’s no longer the innocent girl he remembered.
A brilliant and romantic musical with spectacular choreographies and the overwhelming songs from the Italian seventies.

international title: Forever You
original title: Un'Avventura
country: Italy
sales agent: True Colours
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Marco Danieli
film run: 105'
release date: IT 14/02/2019
screenplay: Isabella Aguilar
cast: Laura Chiatti, Michele Riondino, Valeria Bilello, Thomas Trabacchi, Giulio Beranek, Gabriele Granito, Antonio De Matteo
cinematography by: Ferran Paredes Rubio
film editing: Davide Vizzini
art director: Giada Calabria
costumes designer: Catia Dottori
music: Pivio, Aldo De Scalzi
producer: Marco De Angelis, Nicola De Angelis, Serena Sostegni, Mattia Guerra
production: Fabula Pictures, Lucky Red, RAI Cinema
backing: Fondazione Apulia Film Commission (IT)
distributor: Lucky Red

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