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by Fabio Del Greco


In contemporary digital society where the smartphone dominates the days of technological man, Giuseppe Russo has a wife, a house, a permanent place with which he can afford to shop at the mall and his political beliefs; but when he meets a strange tramp who gives him some old video tapes in which he has been filmed since he was a child, but of which he remembers nothing, he realizes that the reality that surrounds him is very different from what he seems.
Someone spies on him, he controls him: but Giuseppe Russo is not one of many. To rediscover its authenticity, it is willing to do anything. What is the mystery of an employee and a life so “normal”?

international title: Employee's Mystery
original title: Mistero di un impiegato
country: Italy
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Fabio Del Greco
film run: 96'
release date: IT 4/02/2019
screenplay: Fabio Del Greco
cast: Fabio Del Greco, Chiara Pavoni, Roberto Pensa, Lucia Batassa, Roberto Rossetti, Flavia Coffari, Umberto Canino, Giuseppe Lorin
cinematography by: Daniele Franceschini
film editing: Fabio Del Greco
art director: Silvana Porreca
music: Emiliano Branda
producer: Fabio Del Greco
production: Monitore Film e Audiovisivi
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