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by Victor Lindgren


Sabina has traveled from Romania to the small Swedish town Holmsund with her Roma brothers. They work in a garage and Sabina is looking for a job. Elin, born and raised in Holmsund, is in the church singing at the graduation ceremony. A summer is about to start and Sabina will get to know Elin. Together they will revolt against the old ways and find something new in each other. At the same time the society around them collapses in fear and Elin’s dad becomes insane by sorrow. Because there is a madness in the Swedish idyll.

international title: The Unpromised Land
original title: Till drömmarnas land
country: Sweden
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Victor Lindgren
film run: 86'
release date: SE 22/03/2019
screenplay: Victor Lindgren
cast: Andreea Petre, Elin Marklund
cinematography by: Rasmus West
film editing: Victor Lindgren
music: Anders Lind
producer: Therese Höberg
production: Bautafilm AB, Sveriges Television AB - SVT
backing: The Swedish Film institute (SE), Film i Västerbotten (SE)
distributor: Folkets Bio
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