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by Iain Ross-McNamee


An ancient, cursed artefact draws a young, university researcher to an old house which holds a dark and terrible secret. The young woman discovers the truth within the grim, foreboding walls of the house, but once in the clutches of its malevolent occupants, will she be able to leave with her life?

international title: Crucible of the Vampire
original title: Crucible of the Vampire
country: United Kingdom
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Iain Ross-McNamee
film run: 96'
release date: ES 1/02/2019
screenplay: Darren Lake, Iain Ross-McNamee, John Wolskel
cast: Neil Morrissey, Brian Croucher, Katie Goldfinch, Larry Rew, Florence Cady, Babette Barat, Charles O'Neill
cinematography by: Richard Carlton
film editing: Iain Ross-McNamee
music: Michelle Bee, Amanda Murray
producer: Amanda Murray
executive producer: Gordon Howdle
associate producer: Richard Bowler, Bruce Crawcour, Bryan Daniel, Christopher Evans, Mark Hinks, Steve McNamee, Ian Norris, Philip Northwood, Diana Packwood, Gerald Rogers, James Thorne, Pete Wasteney, Rob Wasteney, Philip White
production: Ghost Dog Films
distributor: Screenbound Pictures
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