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by Karoline Herfurth


It's double trouble when fate and an ill-executed diamond robbery throw Mel and Lise together in a race and chase against time. Mel, a professional criminal and single mum looking to pull off her greatest coup, and her nerdy, easily panic-stricken hostage Lise are soon pursued by the relentless detective Ingrid, who always gets her man, or women, at any price. On the run, the mismatched and constantly fighting pair have to dispose of the loot in the face of a Berlin underworld also determined to get its hands on them and the precious stones. As the forces of law and disorder close in, Lise develops a liking for Mel, deciding she is going to help her 'captor'. Mel is far less than enthusiastic, especially given Lise's idea of support. With no choice the odd couple soon become a perfect tag team. But when Mel then adds the good looking cop Harry to her collection of hostages and Lise immediately falls for him, the chaos becomes perfect - with a happy ending looking to be an impossibly long way off.

international title: Sweethearts
original title: Sweethearts
country: Germany
sales agent: Picture Tree International
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Karoline Herfurth
film run: 107'
release date: DE 14/02/2019
screenplay: Monika Fäßler
cast: Karoline Herfurth, Hannah Herzsprung, Frederick Lau, Katrin Saß, Ronald Zehrfeld, Nilam Farooq, Anneke Kim Sarnau, Uwe Preuss, Winnie Böwe, Mona Pirzad
cinematography by: Daniel Gottschalk
film editing: Simon Gstöttmayr
art director: Christian M. Goldbeck
costumes designer: Alexandra Hannemann
music: Annette Focks
producer: Christopher Doll, Lothar Hellinger
line producer: Mark Nolting
production: Warner Bros Entertainment Germany, Hellinger / Doll Filmproduktion GmbH
backing: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (DE), German Federal Film Board (DE), German Federal Film Fund (DE)
distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment Germany

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