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by Roberto Girault


The fortuitous discovery of an Egyptian document from the 11th century provides the definitive key in locating the chalice from the last supper with Christ. An intense investigation leads us through the ages on a journey to discover the events that shaped universal civilization and what it means to be human. 

international title: Onyx, Kings of the Grail
original title: Onyx, los reyes del grial
country: Spain
sales agent: Spotlight Pictures (US)
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Roberto Girault
release date: ES 15/03/2019
screenplay: Luis Fernández Reneo, Roberto Girault, Margarita Torres
cast: Jim Caviezel, Maria De Medeiros, Anthony Howell, Maarten Dannenberg, Iñigo Galiano, Jaime Adalid, Ricard Sales, Tania Watson, Saturnino García
cinematography by: Rafael Bolaños
film editing: Adoración G. Elipe
art director: Itziar Sagasti
costumes designer: Giovanna Ribes
music: Eduardo Ortega de Egea
producer: Óscar Cifuentes
executive producer: Óscar Cifuentes, Pedro Palacios
line producer: José Jaime Linares
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