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by Carlos Therón


Friends since school, Pedro, Arturo and Eligio are three, highly-qualified college professors who the economic crisis has left jobless. Fed up and broke, the group accidentally find the answer to all their problems in the project Pedro’s been working on for years: a multi-vitamin which, to their surprise, allows you to party all night long with no side effects. With the help of Anabel, a lawyer turned gas station employee, and Jota, a student who’s more interested in partying than her books, the three professors will launch themselves into the world of nightclubs and shady dealings, hoping to find a market for their new wonder drug, something, it seems, they are not qualified for at all!

international title: I Can Quit Whenever I Want
original title: Lo dejo cuando quiera
country: Spain
sales agent: Filmax
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Carlos Therón
release date: ES 12/04/2019
screenplay: Cristóbal Garrido, Adolfo Valor
cast: David Verdaguer, Ernesto Sevilla, Carlos Santos, Cristina Castaño, Miren Ibarguren, Amaia Salamanca, Ernesto Alterio, Pedro Casablanc, Mero, Gracia Olayo, Luis Varela
cinematography by: Damian Garcia
film editing: Yibrán Asuad, Ana Garcia
art director: Sandra Cabriada
costumes designer: Ingrid Sac
music: Tomás Barreiro
producer: Álvaro Augustín, Ghislain Barrois, Fernando Bovaira
executive producer: Paloma Molina
production: Telecinco Cinema, Mod Producciones
distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment Iberia

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