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by Pierre Michelon


From Colorado, where he has chosen to live, Fouad Mennana begins to trace his late grandfather - Amara Mennana - an Algerian farmer expropriated from his land and deported to the prisons of French Guiana in 1926. Fouad launches a research and sends messages on the internet, without waiting a response. But nothing is less accessible than the violence of the past, and the archives and the files and dust of the cardboard boxes secretly silence the history of those who no longer have a name: no surname, no number, no grave. And yet, in this landscape of disappearance, between Constantine and Saint Laurent du Maroni, between Algiers, Aix-en-Provence and the United States, a few letters reach their destination one day: "if I am to be liberated, I will return to my country".

international title: Amara
original title: Amara
country: France, Algeria, United States
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Pierre Michelon
film run: 118'
cinematography by: Pierre Michelon
film editing: Pierre Michelon
producer: Olivier Marboeuf
associate producer: Cédric Walter
production: Spectre Production
backing: CNAP (Centre national des arts plastiques) (FR), Région Pays de La Loire (FR), CNC (FR)
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