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by Zabou Breitman, Éléa Gobbé-Mévellec


Kabul under Taliban rule. Two neighborhoods and two couples. One conservative – Atiq and Mussarat have been married for 20 years and are deeply engrained in the traditions of Afghan life. Atiq works as the chief guard at the women’s prison. Mussarat is very ill and fights to remain a strong woman till the very end. One modern – young and in love, Zunaira and Mohsen are against all the same traditions. Under the Talibans, they’ve both lost their jobs as lawyer anduniversity teacher and have difficulties to make ends meet. They have to sell their few possessions to buy food. Yet they’re determined to maintain their modern values. One day, a stoning. Then an act of humiliation. Then a fight… and life takes an irrevocable turn. When the lives of these diametrically opposite couples become intertwined, sacrifice becomes the price to pay for love.

international title: The Swallows of Kabul
original title: Les Hirondelles de Kaboul
country: France, Luxembourg, Switzerland
sales agent: Celluloid Dreams
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Zabou Breitman, Éléa Gobbé-Mévellec
film run: 80'
release date: FR 4/09/2019
screenplay: Sébastien Tavel, Patricia Mortagne, Zabou Breitman
film editing: Françoise Bernard
music: Alexis Rault
producer: Michel Merkt
co-producer: Stephan Roelants
executive producer: Reginald de Guillebon
line producer: Ivan Rouveure
production: Les Armateurs, Mélusine Productions, Close Up Films, ARTE France Cinéma, RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse, KNM
backing: Eurimages
distributor: Memento Distribution

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