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by Sofia Català, Rosa Pérez Masdeu


The documentary Colis Suspect, explores the social and economic implications of the so- called 'refugee crisis.' The film also considers the consequences of an unresolved post-colonial global scenario and signals which companies are taking advantage of the inequality between first and third world countries. What role do European member states play in the conflicts that refugees ran away from? Which are the main companies exporting guns from the European Union? Who is making billions out of the 'security' business? What is their influence in border policy? When, and why, did the fight against terrorism and irregular immigration merge one with another? 

international title: Colis Suspect
original title: Colis Suspect
country: Spain
year: 2017
genre: documentary
directed by: Sofia Català, Rosa Pérez Masdeu
film run: 60'
release date: FR 6/06/2019
screenplay: Sofia Català, Rosa Pérez Masdeu, Camila Ardila Peña
cinematography by: Marc Arroyo
film editing: Marta Aguadé Forrellad, Estel Roman
producer: Marta Hernàndez Huguet, Samuel Rubin
executive producer: Marta Hernàndez Huguet, Greg Gorman
associate producer: Mireia MartÍnez
production: Arsomnia Produccions
distributor: Cinéma Saint-André des Arts
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