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by Nadia Parfan


For many years, Ivan Vasyliovych has been the trade union leader at Ivano-Frankivsk TeploKomunEnergo, a municipal heating company in western Ukraine. His magnum opus is the trade union choir for mechanics, repairmen, dispatchers, book-keepers and other employees. Ivan Vasyliovych is very proud of their creative achievements but is also keen to point out that "the heating comes first - and only then do we sing!". The rehearsal schedule must be organized around the "heating season". As the collective are trying to fix the old pipelines, customers are bombarding the hot-line service. Is it possible to warm up their cold radiators with the power of Ukrainian folk song?

international title: Heat Singers
original title: Spivaye Ivano-Frankivskteplokomunenergo
working title: 18°c
country: Ukraine
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Nadia Parfan
film run: 64'
screenplay: Nadia Parfan
cinematography by: Dmytro Burko, Vasyl Goshovsky
film editing: Mykola Bazarkin
music: Margaryta Kulichova
producer: Illia Gladshtein
production: Phalanstery Films (UA)
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