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by José Filipe Costa


1975, post-Carnation Revolution Portugal, many foreigners come help out in newly formed co-ops. But their progressive views on customs and sexuality soon clash with local mores.

international title: A Pleasure, Comrades!
original title: Prazer, Camaradas!
country: Portugal
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: José Filipe Costa
film run: 105'
screenplay: José Filipe Costa
cast: Cecília Rodrigues, Eduarda Rosa, João Azevedo, José Avelino, Mick Greer, Amanda Booth, António Rodrigues, Celia Williams, Filomena Matos, Joaquim Lopes
cinematography by: Hugo Azevedo
film editing: João Braz
art director: Carla Frazão
producer: Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra
production: Uma Pedra no Sapato
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